Weird War I Free and Fillable Character Sheet!

Published On: May 10, 2016Categories: News

Form Fillable Character Sheet for Weird War ILast week, we gave you a veritable army of armies with Weird War I Archetypes for all the major nations to add to the existing civilians. Now it’s time to go from the general to the specific and give you a form-fillable Weird War I Character Sheet PDF.

The Weird War I Character Sheet has spaces for all your pertinent information on the front, including your medals and promotions.* And since no man fights alone, you get a pair of Squad Roster sheets on the back for all the fine soldiers with you in the trenches.

Whether you’re a self-made man or start from one of our fine Weird War I Archetypes, now you’ve got a place for everything you need to know about you!

* You have been providing exemplary service to your country, right? What kind of cot rider isn’t getting medals and promotions?

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