Weird War I: New Adventure, New Front

Published On: April 5, 2016Categories: News

Raid on Fort Douaumont Adventure for Weird War I“This war will be small and quick,” they said. “Home for Christmas,” they said. But the dark machinery started by blood, pain, and madness spun out of control, spreading and continuing beyond all hope.

Face a new adventure for Weird War I, Raid on Fort Douaumont. Now that you’ve answered the call to action, can you push on to victory?

Speaking of fortifications, put a new front between you and your players with the newly-released Weird War I GM Screen Inserts PDF.Weird War I GM Screen Inserts PDF Get the handiest charts for your side, the most mood-setting artwork for theirs, all arranged however you want it to be!

Both of these new PDFs have been added to the Weird War I Virtual Bundle and are available for immediate purchase. If you’re looking for the physical copies, those are added to the Weird War I Preorder Bundle, and are still available as preorders.

Don’t wait to grab these. Idle hands (or characters) are the devil’s workshop—and that workshop is already working overtime!

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