Wendigo Tales Volumes Zero and One are Now Available!

Published On: March 17, 2020Categories: News
First Look at Wendigo Tales, Volume One!

If you’re on the hunt for some exciting Savage Worlds-inspired fiction, the electronic versions (.epub and .mobi (Kindle) formats) of our Wendigo Tales collections, featuring chilling tales of horror and adventure by some of today’s top authors, are now available for purchase directly from our store!

Wendigo Tales: Volume One features:

  •  FAIT ACCOMPLI, by Shanna Germain (Predation, No Thank You, Evil!)
  •  RAIDERS OF THE POISONED PLAINS, by Tim Waggoner (The Winter Box, Deep Like the River)
  •  ON THE FLIP SIDE, by Aaron Rosenberg (DuckBob, Dread Remora)
  •  THE IRISH GOODBYE, by Matthew Cutter (DeadlandsThe Goon™ RPG)
  •  THE FIRES OF ROME, by Shane Lacy Hensley (Savage WorldsDeadlandsWeird Wars)

We are also now offering revised collections of our original three “Seasons” of Wendigo Tales, now referred to as Wendigo Tales: Volume Zero.

These three uniquely-themed volumes contain several thrilling tales set in the worlds of The Last Parsec, Necessary Evil, and Weird Wars by authors like Christine Thompson, John Wick, Ed Stark, Jon Leitheusser, and of course, Shane Lacy Hensley.

If you would like print + complimentary PDF/ePub versions of these volumes, order the books as part of our Wendigo Tales: Volume One (and Deadlands: Lost Colony) Kickstarter’s PledgeManager. Then be sure to email [email protected] with your completed receipt and request a comp copy of the PDFs/ePub. Please note you will be pledging as a late backer and purchasing at minimum Wendigo Tales: Volume One in print (plus comp PDFs).

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