Wild Times & Wild Dice in Deadwood

Published On: August 24, 2021Categories: Events, News

For those who were unable to attend last week’s Deadlands 25th Anniversary celebration in Deadwood, South Dakota, a fantastic time was had by all, and we hope the attached photos speak for themselves (thanks to Shane Hensley, Jodi Black, Karl Keesler, David Lapp, and Chelsea Kramer for the amazing pics):

Additionally, here’s a field report from our partners with Pine Box Entertainment, publishers of Doomtown:

After our successful Destination Event in Tombstone, the Pine Box Entertainment team was grateful to be invited by PEG to join them in Deadwood to celebrate 25 years of Deadlands!

On Friday morning, for the opening ceremony, Doomtown Lead Developer David Lapp and the man who started it all, Shane Hensley, joined two Deadwood actors participating in a duel to settle a conflict over which game was better: Doomtown or Deadlands? The end result: It’s a trick question pardners, because Doomtown is Deadlands! Players then had posters signed and returned for gaming after lunch. 

For the Greenhorn Shooting Range event, Pine Box staff and Veteran players taught plenty of newcomers how to play Doomtown! The Huff family even got to try out the new multiplayer rules being released in Doomtown: Weird West Edition, currently at $110k and fully-funded on Kickstarter! 

On Friday evening, demos continued and Doomtown players engaged in a variant Traitor event, where each player got to choose a Dude from another Faction to join their starting posse and become part of their Outfit. John Davis was victorious with the Justice in Exile outfit joined by the Anarchist Xiadon Li! This will be reflected in an upcoming fiction and card as Doomtown players continue to effect the storyline and expansions for the game.

On Saturday, David Orange hosted even more demos while we kicked off the main event, The Fate of Jonah Essex, where players voted each round on the storyline by answering a series of questions on what the posse will encounter. You can check out the latest fiction over at The Gomorra Dispatch.

After a special NDA Q&A presentation for attendees (during which Shane shared the inside scoop on all things Pinnacle has in store for Deadlands and much more) we entered the Top 4 matchups, where 14-year-old Carter Huff playing the Arsenal dueled against Laura Scott playing 108 Gracious Gifts. Joe James playing Morgan Gadgetorium took on John Nelson’s Law Dogs w/Lacy O’Malley.

John was victorious in the finals against Laura and decided Jonah Essex would have a positive outcome in his travels to Deadwood.

We are honored to have been part of this celebration!

Please note that plans are already in motion for a return trip to the Black Hills in the future, but next up, we’ll be weighing anchor and heading out to sea for a six-day Savage Worlds cruise out of Port Canaveral featuring non-stop on-ship gaming and exciting port stops in Cozumel, Belize, and Costa Maya!

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We look forward to ringing in the New Year and exploring the Caribbean with you in 2022!

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