Wildcards is Dead(lands), Long Live Wildcards!

Published On: December 4, 2018Categories: News

Wildcards first premiered back on March 31st, 2017 as a live show on the Saving Throw Twitch channel and featured the Deadlands Reloaded setting for Savage Worlds. Originally intended to be a single season, the world of Deadlands proved too epic for just one go.

The original cast consisted of Jordan Caves-Callarman as the Marshal, Meghan Caves as Rosaleen S. Byrne, the beautiful and dangerous huckster, Jordan Pridgen as Gabriel Prior, Rosaleen’s paramour and an inveterate conman with a religious scam, Dom Zook as James Bogue, a hardened gunslinger with a haunted past, and Teline Guerra as Torte Law, a native shaman.

In season two, Saving Throw moved from a small, shared closet space to its very own studio where Wildcards began to thrive. Introducing backdrops and more intricate costumes, the show also had its first intro produced by Tyler Rhoades, and Gaurav Gulati joined the cast mid-season as the humble and simple farmer/boxer Howell Melton.

With a new line-up, Gaurav took on intro duties for season three, producing a beautifully composed intro that fit the more darkened tone the series was traveling towards. The West was getting weirder… and deadlier for our posse!

Deadlands Reloaded: Marshal's Handbook Deadlands Reloaded: Player's GuideThe characters have grown over the course of five seasons – From Novice all the way to Legendary. Rose has become a powerful conjurer – able to puppet man and monster alike. Gabriel became a true man of God and had a crisis of faith that only his love to Rosaleen could absolve. Bogue hunted his greatest enemy, but ultimately found his friends were more comforting than revenge. And Howell discovered the world was bigger than anything he thought possible, and evil had a glass jaw.

With the setting finale this Friday and a “By the Campfire” talkback special planned for December 14thSaving Throw brings the tale of the posse to a close. But Wildcards is far from over as they will tackle a new setting in 2019 which will be revealed at that Campfire special!

Catch the Wildcards Deadlands setting finale, this Friday starting at 8pm PT only on Twitch!

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