Wildcards Marshal’s Notes—Free PDF

Published On: September 29, 2020Categories: News

A few months back, while our Kickstarter for Deadlands: the Weird West was still chugging along, our good friends with Saving Throw and WildCards presented an original, two-part actual play stream of the latest and greatest edition.

Check out BOTH epic installments of Deadlands: Lawless in the Saving Throw video archive over on YouTube.

As a terrific supplement for this exciting adventure, legendary Marshal Jordan Caves-Callarman has written a five-page PDF titled Wildcards Marshal’s Notes.

This FREE document presents a detailed outline of the adventure, some exciting post-game highlights, stats for a couple original critters, and awesome suggestions for handling Critical Failures in your Savage Worlds games.

Our thanks to Jordan and the entire cast and crew of Wildcards for putting it all together!

“FINGER GUNS! *pew!* *pew!*”

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