Winner of Obsidian Portal’s Special Savage Worlds Campaign Spotlight Event

Published On: January 26, 2021Categories: News

While discussion of online and app-assisted gaming is often centered around virtual tabletops, character generators, 3D figure modelers, and dice rollers, Obsidian Portal is an invaluable, browser-based, and award-winning campaign management system for roleplaying games. It is also FREE to use!

Recently, Obsidian Portal announced the winner of their Special Savage Worlds Campaign Spotlight Event, with The Color of Night taking home the proverbial blue ribbon along with a gift coupon for the participants from us here at Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

The Color of Night campaign relies on the Savage Worlds Horror Companion and features a game of modern terror that has been running on Obsidian Portal for over a decade! Featuring 44 Adventure Logs, over a hundred characters, unique items, maps, and a creative character fiction section, The Color of Night contains a library of inspirational materials chronicling a truly remarkable game.

Online voters chose the campaign during an eight-hour social media event from a short list of the best Savage Worlds campaigns on O.P. in recent memory. The campaign even bested a former Campaign of the Month-winning GM—no small feat on a platform filled with gaming creatives. To check out all the other nominees, be sure to visit Obsidian Portal’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Special thanks go out to all participants, and be sure to check out Obsidian Portal today to see if it’s the campaign management system for you!

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