You Got Your Deadlands Classic in My Deadlands Reloaded!

Published On: November 15, 2016Categories: News

Deadlands Conversion GuideThat’s right, friends and neighbors, the walls between the Weird West as it was and the Weird West as it has become are tumbling down. The Deadlands Conversion Guide is now available as a free PDF download to help you bring your critters and characters from Classic into Reloaded or even vice versa.*

While you’re at it, you might want to grab a freshly updated version of the Good Intentions PDF and the totally free Good Intentions Player’s Guide PDF (with all of the good player stuff from the front of the book, and none of the spoilers from the back).

I reckon that’s enough to get you on down the trail for the week, so head on out to whichever Weird West floats your Maze Runner!

* Watch out, though. Most of the Blessed aren’t fond of vice in either system, and I doubt they’re like to put up with much versa, either.

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