Yukon Terror Comes to Deadlands Tall Tales

Published On: May 13, 2014Categories: News

Deadlands Tall Tales 3: Yukon TerrorYukon Terror is the newly released addition to the Deadlands Tall Tales stable. Your group of strangers is braving the elements in an Alaskan cabin at the edge of civilization—a place where the cold and snow have hidden abominations from the eyes of men, a place where the abominations may walk as men themselves! As the storm outside rages on, you have to decide which is easier—surviving the elements or surviving the shelter.

Deadlands Tall Tales is a series of zero-prep, GM-less narrative games set in the Deadlands universe, powered by the Protocol Games Series. Yukon Terror joins Doctor Tregan’s Mechanical Wonders and Broken Hearts (the free introductory adventure).

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